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Producer . Director .

Ralph Giordano

Owner/Operator of ArchAngel Productions, LLC
Ralph writes, produces, and directs video productions ranging from commercials, training and marketing videos, to short independent films/videos. Recent short films include: "By The Way,Bob" (Co-Producer), "Go Big" (Co-Producer, Co-Director), and "The Silence" (Writer, Co-Producer, Director).

Awards & Accomplishments:
2003 Bronze Telly Award. Video Short. “Weighing the Days” Producer/Director/Editor.
2002 Bronze Telly Award. Interactive Sales Presentation. “Exchange Demo Scenario” 
CD-ROM. Producer/Director.
Bronze Telly Award. Interactive Sales Presentation. “The Menu” CD-ROM, 
2002 Bronze Telly Award. “Demo2WIN!” corporate overview production, Director/Editor.

About ArchAngel Productions

ArchAngel Productions, LLC is a video production company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado providing a full range of production services from pre-production and script services, in-studio or on-location production, through post-production and final product delivery.

From corporate marketing and training productions to compelling entertainment
features, shorts, and documentary, let us share with you a unique vision that promotes your message through various social networking channels, direct marketing, and beyond.

Meet with our creative team to discuss how we can support your next video production.

Learn more about the services we provide…

Contact us:
ArchAngel Productions, LLC
PO BOX 75374
Colorado Springs, CO 80970


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